Erasing Loneliness Week 3 | Engage in All Areas of Life

Erasing Loneliness is a 6 week challenge to help you move past loneliness and foster more meaningful connections. Get the scoop HERE.

If you haven’t done so already CLICK HERE to download the Erasing Loneliness JORNAL. It’ll help you track your thoughts and transformation towards authentic friendships throughout the challenge. You can find WEEK 1 here and WEEK 2 here.
Feel free to go at your own pace.

Week 3 Challenge Activity: Engage in all areas of life.

There are people out there waiting to know you. Longing, just like you, for transformative friendship.

Fostering that awareness opens your eyes and heart towards potential new friends.

Where you work, play, mail packages, sip your coffee, walk your dog — might just be where you form your next life giving relationship. Instead of sitting home wishing you had a faithful friend — go out and be present where others are.

What do your days look like?

If you’re a list person, make a list of what your days or weeks look like. If you’re not a list person – just ponder your week in your brain space.

Do you:

  • Stop by the library?
  • Pop into the record store?
  • Buy groceries (who doesn’t)?
  • Stroll the farmer’s market?
  • Take the bus?
  • Hike the park?
  • Rent DVDs?
  • Visit the greenhouse for bark?
  • Attend concerts?
  • Ride your bike around town?
  • See your neighbors in their yard?
  • Sweat at the gym?
  • Go out to eat?
  • Wash your clothes at the laundromat?
  • Pick up your kids from school?
  • Attend sporting events?
  • Get your oil changed?

However you spend your time, what ever you do when you’re not at home, notice the people around you when you’re out in the community.

Flash that sweet smile of yours. Offer kind ‘hellos’. Ask meaningful questions like, “How’s your day going so far?” You’ll be amazed at how that simple question opens hearts and forges bonds.

It’s about repetition!

An employee at my local grocery store and I regularly shared lighthearted chit chat in the produce aisle. When she turned up in my exercise class a bond of fellowship was born. We might not have formed such a fast friendship had banter not been exchanged over the potatoes and cabbage.

It’s about relevant repetition.
The more you go out into your community — the more people you’ll see repeatedly.
The more people you engage in little, meaningful conversations with —
the more you get to know them.
The more you get to know them — the likelihood of friendship increases.

Simple, right?

I’ll say it again… there are people out there waiting to know you. Longing, just like you, for transformative friendship. Remembering this will give you courage to ENGAGE!

How to Participate

Pick a few areas in your life where you might engage others then tell me in the comments below what these areas are. This gives you accountability and will help others open their eyes to opportunities too. Make a point to follow through this week and have meaningful interactions in your community. 

– Need to make a list of the opportunities you want to engage in? Jot it down in the Erasing Loneliness JOURNAL that I’ve made just for you!

– Post a picture of your ideas for engaging (local grocery store, anyone?!) or journal page with the #erasingloneliness hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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  • Deborah May 12, 2014, 2:01 pm

    I had a lovely connection with the mail carrier at my office Saturday. I hear her heart for the broken and homeless as she told me how disappointed she was that very few people were leaving food for the Saturday food drive … and how excited she got every time someone left a bag with canned goods in it! The most connecting part of the conversation was when she pointed out her t-shirt and felt the need to let me know she was “out of uniform” for the food drive. I laughed and let her know she was speaking with the queen of nursing uniform envelope pushers. All. Of. My. Career. I am unphased when people are out of uniform. She was so concerned. I hope I see her again :)

    • Alysa May 12, 2014, 4:16 pm

      Deborah, this is such a sweet story. I’m glowing simply from sharing in your joy. I love the meaningful connection you’ve fostered with your mail carrier by looking for ways to engage in all areas of life! Grateful you shared your experience. Here to MANY more.

      Nursing uniform envelope pusher…oh you crack me up.

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