Erasing Loneliness Week 4 | Extravagantly Share Your Gifts

Erasing Loneliness is a 6 week challenge to help you move past loneliness and foster more meaningful connections. Get the scoop HERE.

If you haven’t done so already CLICK HERE to download the Erasing Loneliness JORNAL. It’ll help you track your thoughts and transformation towards authentic friendships throughout the challenge. You can find WEEK 1 hereWEEK 2 here, WEEK 3 here. Feel free to go at your own pace.

Week 4 Challenge Activity: Extravagantly Share Your Gifts.

What are you good at? What passions and gifts do you have? Who might need fellowship and restoration through your friendship? Think about ways you can invest in your community. What might you coach, teach, lead, participate in?

Tapping into those gifts and sharing them with others opens the door to friendships. Friendships you might never make if you stay home and withhold your gifts and aspirations. Bonding over common interest tends to accelerate the formation of friendships.

Be generous with your gifts. Share them extravagantly. 

Give What You’ve Got

Dig in here. What gifts do you have that our world desperately needs?

Can you keep plants alive? Is there a community garden that needs your talent?
Do you have a compassionate heart? Are there foster children that need a mentor?
Know all there is to know about long distance running? Maybe your town needs an awesomely-fun running group.

What about these opportunities?

  • Read stories to children at the library
  • Teach a class about ________ (whatever it is you LOVE)
  • Assist with a blood drive
  • Help your Chamber of Commerce plan and put on annual festivals
  • Seek out other musician and play a free concert
  • Play with puppies and kitties at the animal shelter
  • Help distribute food from your local pantry
  • Check with the schools and see if they need any assistance
  • Visit the elderly at nursing homes or folks in jail
  • Start a mom’s group
  • Offer your accounting skills to a non-profit
  • Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  • Help others flourish in their marriages
  • Aid a fundraising campaign for natural disaster restoration
  • Teach people to read
  • Start a Mastermind Group around a topic you’re passionate about
  • Drive people, who might not otherwise have a ride, to their doctor appointments

If you can’t find a match for volunteering – consider making something up. Seriously! It doesn’t have to be super structured or “official”.

What’s missing in your community?
Can one of your gifts fill that gap?

A bunch of men from my father-in-law’s church team up with a mechanic a few times a year to offer free oil changes to single or elderly women in our community. How clever is that? There is no end to possibilities when you match your gifts to community need. Think outside that box!!

With Open Eyes, You’ll See the Needs

Accepting the offer to teach a Stress & Time Management class for a local organization led me to several new friendships. When I realized that some of the women from class struggled with finding the time and energy to make dinner after work, I gathered new acquaintances [from outside the class] together for a cooking session. We prepared chicken alfredo, had meaningful conversations, and sent the stressed-to-the-max women home with a hot meal for their families.

Keep your eyes open — you’ll see the needs.

Here’s how Kitchen Fellowshiper Laura C.’s working on erasing her loneliness:And just so you know how much influence you have — I saw your Facebook post advertising your 6 Wk series on Loneliness and I’ve decided to work on mine. I’m going to start volunteering at a local shelter that works with kids affected by sexual abuse.”

How to Participate

What are your gifts? Tell me in the comments below. I’m excited to see how unique we all are!

– Do a little research on volunteer opportunities in your community. Keep track of them in the Erasing Loneliness JOURNAL that I’ve made just for you!

– Once you’re lined up to volunteer opportunity snap a picture and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #erasingloneliness.

Erasing Loneliness In Review

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