Invoking Rest all Week Long [Around the Table]

Sunday. Rest and worship.

In the 21st book of John, after Christ’s resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples while they were gathered on a Sabbath, locked in a house.

Again, he visits them the following Sabbath. He delivers to them peace, encouragement, a slice of their mission, miraculous sings and meaningful words.

But the next time Jesus shows up is on a beach.

During a work day. A fishing day. A day when some of the disciples are in a boat, on the sea, not catching a thing.

Jesus calls out, “Friends,” and gives them a fishing tip for their fish-less nets. When they follow his advice their nets are filled with an abundance of fish. In that moment, they realize it’s Jesus on the shore.

And you know what happens next?

Jesus offers an invitation, “Come and have breakfast.” That gives me chills.

He’s not at some lush religious feast after his resurrection, he’s not planning is next churchy program or project — he’s serving a simple, yet significant, meal to a few friends on the beach.

Fish and bread over an open fire, a meal they’d shared before.

An ordinary, daily, necessity. Food. Fellowship. A little rest after work.

A reminder of his character. His provision and power.

It’s beautiful, imperative, and restorative to meet Christ in our rest and worship on Sundays, but I believe he also longs to reveal himself to us all week.

Intentional Sunday rest focuses our hearts and minds on Jesus so we can more easily recognize when he makes himself known throughout the week.

What if we could invoke worship and rest — all week long?

I believe we can. When we rest and worship on Sundays, times of praise and restoration come more easily during the week.

If we daily put down our ‘nets’ and make time for meaningful fellowship around the table, we can tap into the ways Christ longs to provide his friendship, nourishment, and ‘fishing tips’ to us.

We can invoke a little rest into the busy pace of our week.

This is why I love sharing simple, relaxing meals with my husband (and sometimes family/friends/neighbors) on Sundays and throughout the week.

To invoke worship and rest, make time for fellowship with Christ and others around your table. Invite them to come. On Sundays. During the week. Be “breakfast on the beach” type people.

Meals are a time to slow down. A time to acknowledge that Jesus is King. That he knows where our weekly activities will return most abundant if we’ll only listen to his instructions from the shore, and feast on the bread he gives us on the beach.

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  • Traci@tracesoffaith May 17, 2014, 3:22 pm

    I loved the way you wove Jesus’ appearances to his disciples with your lesson on seeing the Sabbath every day. Can you imagine sitting down to a simple meal with Jesus?? Thank you for your lovely reflections.

    • Alysa May 17, 2014, 6:36 pm

      Aw thanks Traci! I know — can you IMAGINE that?! Meals with Jesus? It seems like so much of his ministry was sharing meals with all sorts of people. Simple and lovely. Excited to connect…fellow Michigander!

  • Katie Kump May 17, 2014, 3:36 pm

    Thank you for sharing this, Alysa. A beautiful reminder that Jesus bought us rest for our entire lives, not just one day each week. Grateful to have found you at THC link up this week. Much love, Katie

    • Alysa May 17, 2014, 6:31 pm

      That’s the sweetest reiteration, Katie! “He bought us rest for our entire lives.” Thanks for connecting! Looking forward to browsing your blog too. <3

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