Kitchen Fellowship for the New Year

Kitchen Fellowship in 2016

“Align your work with what you believe you should change about the world.” — Barrett Brooks

For me that’s helping you erase loneliness and find fellowship, community, and restoration one meal at a time. I’ve dreamt up several ideas of how this will take shape in the New Year. Wanted to run them by you; in addition to blog posts, here are the loose plans thus far:

Live Online Workshops

It was wonderful hosting the live holiday hospitality workshop for you all (it’s been watched 218 times; you lovely people!!) and I plan to offer more workshops. They’ll help us grow, learn, and press into camaraderie, fellowship, and good health — together!

Topics I’m thinking of offering so far:

  • How to Organize Your Recipes for a Healthier Year [+ menu planning too]**
  • Organizing Your Pantry & Kitchen [making cooking easier + more enjoyable]
  • Empathy: The Care & Keeping of Community

**Download your free recipe organization pre-planning checklist here.

Kitchen Fellowship Boxes

This coming year I’d love to experiment with different ideas to bring folks together for kitchen fellowship. One thought I had was to put together boxes of goodies for you that contain most of the items you need to host a small, meaningful gathering with a craft or kitchen-y project. Sort of like all those “subscription box” services you see out there but with super sweet handmade touches and the mission of fostering and enriching community.

Retreats & Get Togethers

I’m unsure how this will come together but “retreats” has been on my someday-list for Kitchen Fellowship for several years now. Praying over this – that wonderful opportunities materialize this year so we can experience solace and restoration together around the table. I’d love to host several weekend getaways that make space for sole renewal, friendships that transform, and food that nourishes.

And for those of you who are local, I plan to continue on with the Arts & Eats Mini-Retreats that I host here in my home with my friend, Kristi.


Suicide prevention, community development, and orphan care are near and dear to my heart. I’ll be praying for ways I can make an impact and give back with my time and income to these causes this year.

How Can I Serve You?

What ways can I help you through Kitchen Fellowship this year? What are you looking for when it comes to community, hospitality, sharing meals, cooking, fellowship? “It’d be really awesome if you could _______!” Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below or send me an email at Looking forward to meeting you where you are!



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  • Amber January 7, 2016, 12:53 pm

    My method for keeping recipes has changed from printing them out from online websites to simply emailing the page to myself with a few keywords. Then I search my email if I want that recipe again. This drives my husband bonkers because he’s afraid something will happen to those websites and our favorite recipes will disappear. So if something is wonderful I try to print it out for his sake.

    My family’s way of eating have changed drastically in the past few years (milk and oat allergies, avoiding sugar, wheat and processed foods), so most of the recipes I started out with as a young married person I wouldn’t consider making today.

    I have gluten free or vegan friends that I rarely invite over for more than tea because I’m anxious over what to offer them. We tend to meet for walks instead of food, which is okay but I do think there is something special about having someone over for a long leisurely dinner. It would be awesome if I had some menu plans in mind that would help me entertain these folks, ideally something that could be mostly made ahead.

    • Alysa January 7, 2016, 1:10 pm

      I have several methods for keeping track of recipes too, Amber! Thanks for sharing with me how you’re currently keeping yours!

      You bring up a great points! Spouses or roomies might have different organizational styles when it comes to recipes, and there’s a big shift happening for a lot of us in the ways we cook and bake.

      I’d love to suggest dinner menus that would be GF/Vegan friendly! Good idea. I’ll be sure to include that in the workshop. There’s definitely something special about gathering at the table for a full meal, I agree. :)

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