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Fellowship Finds // Treasures from Life & Online // 3

Treasures from Life & Online | Kitchen Fellowship

I’ve found many treasures for you online this week. Let me introduce you to them!


Allison’s words on the mind/body connection are revealing and healing. “First, I know I’m not the only one who is feeling trapped by some kind of physical ailment—migraines or endometriosis or Cancer or food allergies. Physical illness, along with it’s obvious physical symptoms, comes with many emotional ones as well.” Her words also have me thinking about showing compassion when we lovingly include people with food allergies in our gatherings.


Erin and Hannah co-host this darling, thought provoking podcast. “Fine ladies, rational minds, and the best kind of company gather to discuss pertinent ideas and issues.” (Erin’s also writing a book for IVP called ‘Comfort Detox’. Even in draft form, I cannot put it down).


For those of you who have a ginormous tomato problem at the moment (you green-tumbed magicians!), this recipe from Minimalist Baker will help.


Counselor and Social Worker, Carolyn, from Pine Rest writes: “Art used in therapy can be helpful for adults who struggle with addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, compassion fatigue, depression, grief, identity crisis, illness, loss, PTSD, parenting, racing thoughts, spiritual angst, stress and trauma.” Yes to this! I’m all for creativity and restoration melding. Time to break out the crayons and draw a picture of an emotion you’re currently feeling.


Amiee shows us how to set up an outdoor buffet in a canoe. What more does a boat enthusiast need?


Listened to this song by Housefires II a few times yesterday. When I woke up at 3am with a headache and headed downstairs for tylenol, this song was looping in my head as I marveled at the multitude of starts through the window in the dead of night. “You’re a good, good father and I’m loved by you.”


I’m working my way through Amber’s new book Wild in the Hollow. It’s heart-wrecking beautiful and refreshing. This post from her sister, Morgan, speaks volumes: “What would happen if we talked out loud about our own anxieties and the injustices in this world that burden us deeply, and then take action together as restorers who seek to mend earth’s brokenness?”

What were your favorite reads from the interwebs this week?

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