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Fellowship Finds // Treasures from Life & Online // 2

Fellowship Finds // Kitchen Fellowship


Lisa wants a house that invites fun, creativity, conversations, hospitality. In short, she wants a comfortable house. She speaks meaningful words about escaping the comparison trap when it comes to our homes.


Oh Brooke! Here she’s sharing how her own mental and emotional health reflects upon the behavior of her children. She pops a few amazing tips about parenting based on personality and offers a book recommendation.


Janel recently started her blog, Peach and the Cobbler, where she shares dairy free recipes. We worked at a pastry/coffee/sandwich shop during the summers. So yeah, this girl can COOK! This crazy-wow pizza has to appear on your dinner table.


‘Ever Be’ by Bethel Music… heard it yet? It’s soul soothing.


Remember making friendship bracelets as a kid? How ’bout these babies?


Why we’re failing at community? Brittany hits the nail on the head.


‘Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy’ by Donald Miller
Love that this book is about “the risk involved in choosing to impress fewer people and connect with more, about the freedom that comes when we stop acting and start loving. It is a story about knocking down old walls to create a healthy mind, a strong family, and a satisfying career. And it all feels like a conversation with the best kind of friend: smart, funny, true, important.”

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